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Hetalia Character Love Order (updated as of feb 5 June 25, without taking into account rpverse, fandom, or female versions)
Tier 1, 2, and 3 are very close together in points, but still separated into tiers. (eg, I like Prussia more than Germany, therefore tier 1. BUT GERMANY IS SO-   so he get's tier 2. They interchange according to what I'm reading/watching) 

  1. UK;Japan; Prussia ; Japan; South Italy; Norway; Male!Hungary, Russia
  2. Spain; Chibitalia; Germany; Hungary
  3. China; Switzerland; America; Canada; Belarus; Hong Kong

Hetalia favorite pairings ot3s whatever.
  • Germany/Prussia/Austria
  • Prussia/Hungary
  • Germany/N.Italy
  • China/Spain
  • Spain/S.Italy
  • Italycest
  • Germanycest
  • Switzerland/Liechtenstein (Swisscest)
  • UK/Japan
  • France/US/Canada/UK
    • France/Canada
    • US/UK
    • US/Canada
    • UK/Canada?
  • France/Poland
  • Russia/Latvia
    • Dynamics: Russia acts like a spoiled child, always getting what he wants. If he does not, he will have a temper tantrum, which can result in death of the offender. Latvia is deathly afraid of him, thinking he is like a god, but when he realizes Russia is human, he also wants to kill him very, very badly.
  • Russia/China (Communiscest)
  • Sealand/Latvia
  • Canada/Seychelles
  • Prussia/Adult!Sealand
  • HRE/Chibitalia
  • Greece/Japan
  • Scandinaviancest
    • Finland/Sweden (SuFin)
    • Denmark/Norway (Denway)
    • Iceland/Norway (Iceway)
    • Iceland/Sealand
  • Lithuania/Belarus
  • China/Hong Kong
  • China/Japan
  •  Uk/Norway (and also, their fairies...)

That's a long list. The ones that are crossed out are related to the DevArt RP. :D The bolded are First Tier, meaning I love them best.
The Italicized are because of certain fills from the kink meme.

I'm going to draw all of them. Eventually. On the little doodle paper of chibis I has.

I STILL UP HEY i so tired.
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1Spain x Romano
2England x Japan
3Germany x Italy
4Romano (S. Italy) x Italy (N. Italy)
5Russia x China
5Turkey x Greece
5Prussia x Hungary
8Germany x Prussia
9Russia x Belarus
10France x Jeanne D'Arc
11Holy Roman Empire x Chibitalia
11Sweden x Finland
11France x Canada
14Greece x Japan
14Germany x Austria
16Denmark x Norway
17Russia x Lithuania
17Austria x Hungary
17Cuba x Canada
20USA x England
20Lithuania x Poland
20Prussia x Austria
20Roman Empire x Germania
20Switzerland x Liechtenstein
20France x England
26France x Spain
27Russia x Prussia
27France x Seychelles
29USA x Canada
29Hong Kong x China
29Switzerland x Austria
32Russia x USA
32Korea x Japan
32Denmark x Sweden
35USA x Prussia
35Prussia x Frederick II
35Korea x China
38Japan x Taiwan

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Jan. 14th, 2009 05:17 am (UTC)
Heck yea the # 1 + 2 8D

Can't wait to see them all, good luck! ♥
Mar. 24th, 2009 05:21 am (UTC)
GO GO Scandinaviancest !
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